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United States Immigration Law Specialists

Blue Lake Law offers a friendly service underpinned by many years of experience in US immigration law; every member of the team who works on a case has completed American Immigration lawyer Association (AILA) qualifications and is continually updating their knowledge in their area of focus.

At Blue Lake Law, what specific services are available?

  • VIP Services: For musicians, actors, athletes, dancers, and other artists who need to travel to the United States for work, we provide specialized visa assistance.
  • Professionals: Whether you are a self-employed individual looking to work in America or an employee of an organization, obtaining a visa is necessary when traveling for work to the United States.
  • Family and Citizenship: If you are planning to move to the United States due to your partner, another family member, or with the dream of starting a new start in America, obtaining permission to enter the country is a crucial step.
  • Exemptions: When applying for a visa in America, various factors are considered. Previous travels to countries like Syria, Iran, or Iraq may impact your visa application. Having a criminal record can also complicate entry to the United States, but with expert assistance, it is possible to obtain a visa.

Working area: US, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

George Lake

George, the founder and managing attorney of Blue Lake Law, holds a Master's degree in International Business Law from Tilburg University, complemented by a JD (US law degree) from Northwestern California University. He is licensed to practice law by the State Bar of California, covering both Californian and US Federal Law. Having resided in the Netherlands for an extended period, George has been specializing in US immigration since 2012. His expertise has been instrumental in assisting individuals from diverse countries in obtaining the necessary visas for relocation to the United States.

George's extensive background includes serving as an expert witness in four countries within the realm of US immigration law. Leveraging his profound understanding of US immigration processes, personal experience as an immigrant, and a solid business background, he is uniquely positioned to facilitate a smooth transition for clients making significant moves to the United States, whether driven by family or business considerations.

Special Cases

"George's favourite part of his work is when he can play a role in reuniting family members when the odds are stacked against them. For example, a couple of years ago, George received a call from a Dutch national who desperately needed to get to the United States to see her US citizen brother. Her brother desperately needed a life saving bone marrow transplant and his sister was the only match. Unfortunately, due to a mistake in her youth, the Dutch sister was unable to receive a visa due to her previous criminal record. With immense time pressure and a complex immigration bureaucracy to deal with, George was able to achieve the visa for the Dutch sister in time to act as a donor for her brother. It is real life situations like these which make George feel like he is really making a difference"

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