Screenings & Housing Fraud

Looking for reliable screenings and effective combatting of housing fraud?

Screening new tenants

At Fingerprints & Screening, we conduct screenings to assess potential new tenants for rental properties or commercial spaces. We work on behalf of various parties, including housing associations, property managers, municipalities, and private landlords, to support them in the tenant selection process.

Our screenings are focused on gathering valuable information from available open and closed sources to evaluate the reliability of a tenant. We assess various aspects to obtain a comprehensive understanding, including:

  • Tenant reliability: We investigate the potential tenant's rental history, including any payment arrears, evictions, or disputes with previous landlords.
  • Payment behavior: We verify whether the tenant has consistently met their current and previous rental obligations on time. This provides insights into their financial stability.
  • Business registration: If the tenant represents a business, we verify the company's registration to assess its legitimacy and ownership by the tenant.
  • Property ownership: We verify if the tenant owns any real estate, which can be relevant for assessing their financial situation and potential risk of default.
  • Collections: We check for any ongoing collections in the tenant's name, offering insights into possible financial problems or outstanding debts.

Through this comprehensive screening, our clients can make informed decisions when selecting tenants, thereby minimizing the risks of unpaid rent, disputes, or other issues.

At Fingerprints & Screening, we strive to provide reliable and professional screening services to all our clients. Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you are interested in our screening services.

Investigation of housing fraud

When faced with potential housing fraud, it is essential to take the right steps to address the situation. Our thorough and efficient approach provides the necessary insights and evidence to uncover the truth.

With our four-step plan of action, we ensure a comprehensive investigation of the rented living space. From the preliminary research to the conclusion of the investigation, you can rely on our expertise and professionalism.

Detecting housing fraud is an important task to ensure fair and lawful housing for everyone.

  • Preliminary Research: Identifying Signs of Housing Fraud. The investigation begins with a thorough preliminary research phase. We search for signs of possible housing fraud by examining registers, online information, and the information provided by the client. This initial phase helps us determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the investigation.
  • Plan of Action: Developing a Strategy. If the preliminary research indicates signs of housing fraud, a plan of action is developed. This plan includes specific steps to investigate the housing fraud, such as gathering evidence, employing surveillance techniques, and identifying the parties involved and responsible for the fraud.
  • Fieldwork Investigation: On-Site Observation. An essential part of the housing fraud investigation is the fieldwork investigation. This involves on-site observation to establish the manner of occupancy and identify the responsible parties. By closely observing and documenting any irregularities, valuable evidence is collected.
  • Interim Evaluation and Consultation. During the investigation, regular interim evaluations are conducted, and consultations take place with the client. Based on the gathered information, it is assessed whether housing fraud exists and to what extent. This evaluation also determines the course of further investigation.
  • Conclusion: Reporting and Additional Investigation. Upon concluding the investigation, the findings are reported. If necessary, additional neighborhood research may be conducted, or confrontation meetings with involved parties may take place. This aids in gathering supplementary information and verifying the findings.
    Conducting a thorough investigation into housing fraud requires expertise, patience, and the right methods. By following these steps and applying the discussed methods, housing fraud can be effectively detected and addressed.

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