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Date: 01-01-2023

Privacy officer: Ilse Sloof
Document version: PS/01/2023
Phonenumber: +316 23 725 303

This privacy statement, version PS/01/2023, has been drawn up by Ilse Sloof for the company Fingerprints & Screening and relates to the applications that come to Fingerprints & screening for the fingerprint service. This fingerprint service is a personal service where the service is aimed at applying for a certificate of good conduct in countries outside Europe where the taking of fingerprints is essential.

Description fingerprint service

Fingerprints & Screening's services are aimed at taking fingerprints from applicants who require a certificate of good conduct from a country outside Europe. Part of this application is that fingerprints must be taken and these fingerprint cards must be sent to the police in the relevant country together with an application form.

To be able to take the fingerprints and to prepare the other documents, Fingerprints & screening needs personal information from the applicant, without this personal information it is not possible to prepare the fingerprint cards, identity statement and any additional documents, as well as the identity of to check the applicant, whereby Fingerprints & Screening can guarantee that the documents will be accepted by the relevant police organizations.The applicant has the choice to provide the information by e-mail or to fill in this information on the documents during the appointment. Fingerprints are only taken at the request of the applicant. The applicant himself contacts fingerprints&screening for this service.

Job description

* Fingerprints & Screening prepares a package of documents that the applicant can use for his application.

* The applicant submits an application to Fingerprints & Screening for fingerprinting

* Fingerprints & Screening asks the applicant for personal information which must be placed on the documents of the country of application. The amount of information differs per country. One country needs more information on the fingerprint cards than the other country.
(this section is not mandatory and can also be completed by the applicant during the appointment).

* Fingerprints & Screening prepares the documents for the applicant this often concerns the fingerprint cards and the identity statement.

* Fingerprints & Screening can also take care of sending the documents. An express mail service is used for this, such as UPS or FedEx, where the documents can also be followed by the applicant.

* After the documents have been sent, the Fingerprints & screening service will stop. The applicant will receive the declaration of good conduct from the relevant police organization.

Requested personal information

Fingerprints & Screening will need the following information to prepare the fingerprint cards and the identity statement:

1) Full name of the applicant, as also stated in the applicant's passport.

2) Date of birth applicant

3) Applicant's place of birth and country of birth

4) Applicant's address details

5) Applicant passport number

6) Passport expiration date

7) Applicant nationality

8) Reason for requesting a declaration of good conduct

9) Gender applicant

10) E-mail address applicant

11) Applicant phone number (optional)

For some countries the following also applies:

12) Ethnicity applicant

13) Length applicant

14) Applicant weight

15) Applicant's eye color

16) Color hair applicant

Obligation to transfer personal information

As an applicant, you are not obliged to provide your personal information. Fingerprints & Screening only needs this information to prepare the documents and verify your identity. It is always possible to write the personal information on the documents by hand during an appointment at our office. We can check your identity on the spot on the basis of a valid passport and a second valid ID. Fingerprints & Screening cannot arrange the identity statement for you, this means that you will receive the fingerprint cards from us with your fingerprints on them and that we will stamp and sign a copy of your passport after an authenticity check. In this case, the risk that the relevant police organization will not accept your documents due to the absence of an identity statement from Fingerprints & Screening is your own responsibility. Fingerprints & Screening cannot offer any guarantees and is not responsible if these are not accepted due to the missing statement.

The information that is required to be disclosed concerns your name, address and e-mail address. Fingerprints & Screening needs this information to be able to draw up the invoice and to contact you about this, if necessary.

Who has access to the personal information

Only the Fingerprints & Screening fingerprint technician has access to your personal information. This personal information only needs to be viewed for the preparation of the correct documents. If an employee does not have a login code or an accepted fingerprint to open the computer on which this information is stored, he cannot request the information.

Retention period

Fingerprints & Screening does not store the applicant's personal data for longer than necessary. This information is only necessary to prepare the documents for the country in question. When the fingerprints have been taken and the invoice has been paid by the applicant, the data will be deleted immediately. After the fingerprints have been taken, the data will not be kept for longer than a week, unless the applicant has not paid the invoice within a week, in which case we will keep the name, telephone number and address details of the applicant for a while in order to be able to make contact in case a payment is not made.

If the applicant chooses that we send the documents to the relevant police organization, we will do our utmost to send them the same day, so that no data remains at our office longer than strictly necessary. The documents are always sent by express mail, where the recipient always has to sign. This way we know for sure that the documents have arrived and who has received the documents. The applicant will always receive a tracking number from us, so that the documents can also be followed by the applicant himself.


Fingerprints & Screening processes the data on a specially equipped computer. These are not used for other activities and only the fingerprint technician can log in to this computer with a special code or fingerprint.

The requested information can be entered in a PDF document by the applicant, who can return the password-protected PDF document to Fingerprints & Screening. It is important that the applicant makes the password known by means of an app/sms to the fingerprint technician. If the applicant chooses not to return the document securely to the fingerprint technician, this is his risk. Even then, Fingerprints & Screening will strictly ensure that the data sent is removed as soon as possible after the application has been processed.

Sharing information

Fingerprints & Screening offers a shipping service. This means that Fingerprints & Screening will send the documents by express mail to the relevant police organization at the request of the applicant. This always includes a confirmation email from the applicant showing that the applicant has submitted the application to the relevant police organization. This is therefore also the direct permission to transfer the data.

Under no circumstances will Fingerprints & Screening share your personal information with third parties other than sending the documents to the relevant police organizations upon request, unless the applicant submits a special request for this.

An example of this is that if the documents need to be legalized at the court, the ministry and the embassy and they want to engage a company for this, we can contact this company at the request of the applicant. The application will always be made by the applicant himself, but Fingerprints & Screening may provide the applicant's name or the tracking number of the documents, so that this party also knows when the documents will arrive. In such a case, the applicant will always be included in CC in the email conversation.

Rights of the applicant

As an applicant, you always have the right to request and view your personal information at Fingerprints & Screening, provided that this falls within the retention period. If you submit a request outside the retention period, Fingerprints & Screening can no longer provide this personal information because this substantive personal data will have already been removed. You can request your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number for billing purposes at any time.

Automatic decisions

Fingerprints & Screening does not use computer-driven decisions. This means that your e-mail message, telephone call or app/text message will always be answered by a Fingerprints & Screening employee. Personal contact is always possible.
However, it is possible to download an E-book about the various fingerprint procedures on the HR advisor page. This E-book will be sent automatically with a preset message.


You do not have to create an account with Fingerprints & Screening and we do not place cookies. Google does. Many websites ask you to approve or refuse the use of cookies. We don't and that's why we don't leave any cookies on your computer, tablet or phone. We do not use a database, and therefore cannot record anything.

That is also your privacy guarantee, we know nothing about you and are not curious about it at all, what do we learn from that? Nothing, and that's fine!

The only data that Fingerprints & Screening has is the data that you provide yourself by e-mail, contact form or by telephone.

Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint, this can first be made known to Fingerprints & Screening, for this you can contact Mrs. I. Sloof write to. If you cannot come to an agreement with this security officer, you can always submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP).

If you have any further questions about this privacy statement, please feel free to contact us.