Fingerprints & Screening collaborates with a global network of partners because we believe that cooperation is the key to delivering the very best service and expertise

At Fingerprints & Screening, we attach great importance to collaborating with partners worldwide to obtain police clearance certificates. By closely working with a global network of partners, we can leverage a wide range of expertise and local knowledge. This enables us to operate more efficiently and effectively in obtaining police clearances across various jurisdictions. Additionally, we believe that this collaboration allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive and reliable service, meeting the specific requirements of each country. Through establishing global partnerships, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction and provide a seamless experience in obtaining essential documents such as police clearance certificates.

Reliability Screening

When you require a Canadian RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check, Reliability Screening is the company to trust. Applying online on their website is a breeze, and once you've submitted your fingerprints, they handle the entire process for you, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Blue Lake Law

Blue Lake Law is a leading expert in the field of immigration law in the United States. If you are planning to move to the United States and require expert guidance throughout the entire process, you can rely on the expertise of Blue Lake Law.The office is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but they can provide assistance even if you are situated in the UK or Germany.

CIBT Visa services

CIBT assists globally in obtaining and processing international documents. Additionally, they provide a legalization service, meaning they will represent you at courts, ministries, and embassies to handle the necessary legalizations on your behalf. This can save you a significant amount of time.

PNB Immigration law firm

PNB Immigration Law Firm is the first immigration law firm in Indonesia. Our team of immigration lawyers and consultants are solely focused on Immigration. This focus enables us to provide first rate immigration services to our clients. PNB can also assist with your Indonesia Police Clearance Certificate Application.

Certificate Assist SA

Certificate Assist SA is among the exceptional companies in South Africa that specialize in facilitating various types of legalizations and the acquisition of various documents, including birth certificates, police clearances, marriage certificates, and more.

VISA Logistics SA

When you select Visa Logistics as your Visa Facilitation, Document Attestation, and Police Clearance service provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that your visa process is in the hands of experts who understand the system thoroughly. 

Doc Assist SA

Doc Assist a South African based document procurement service and can assist you whether you are in South Africa or currently live overseas. If you need a police clearance certificate, birth certificate or an apostille or embassy verification, this is the company who can help you!


Pescheck conducts pre-employment screenings for companies and HR departments hiring new personnel. The company provides an online program that allows businesses and HR to log in and conduct screenings themselves. A portion of the screening process is automated, enhancing efficiency.