Step-by-step plan RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check
20 maart 2023 

Step-by-step plan RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check

You can easily request your RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check online through an accredited company in Canada. On this page you can find all the steps you need to take to submit your application successfully.

Note: It is important to know that outside Canada you cannot request your RCMP Certified Criminal Record check directly from the RCMP. The requirement in Canada is that you have to use an intermediary company to make this application. Such an intermediary company is accredited to receive the fingerprints, digitize them and send them electronically directly to the RCMP. Without such an intermediary company, it is not possible to request your RCMP report in Canada. These intermediate companies are only located in Canada.

Step 1 = start application

  • First, choose an accredited company in Canada to apply for the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check.
    We always work with the company Reliability Screening. They are extremely professional. The application can be made online on their website, so there is not a lot of paperwork involved.
  • Start the (online) application by clicking the red button “place international order” and enter your personal details here.
  • For a regular RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check (certificate of conduct), which you need for your employer or visa application, for example, choose the Certified Criminal Record Check option when applying.
  • If you need the RCMP Certified Criminal Record check for a US VISA application, always choose US Immigration (privacy act) as the reason.
  • Select in which country the document will be used in. If your country is not in the list choose "anywhere else". If you are using the documents in The Netherlands or Belgium you need to select "anywhere else".
  • When you get to the question “Do you need authentication?” You can set this to “No” if you need the declaration for your work/employment screening. Authentication is only necessary if specifically requested (authentication means that the documents will be stamped by the court and the ministry in Canada). Some countries require such an authentication for a VISA or citizenship application.

    Are you unsure whether you need authentication? Please contact us and we will help you with this

  • Enter your contact details, you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your address details and make the payment.

    Tip: There are two options for sending the hard copy, regular mail or DHL express service.

    Please note: if you request the statement under the Privacy Act, it is not possible to receive the statement by e-mail. The RCMP will send this document directly to you by regular mail. For this type of application the RCMP has approximately 30 business days to complete their search before mailing the result back by standard mail to you.

    When you have fully completed and paid for the application, you will receive three emails from the company.
    1) Your order, here you can digitally sign to authorize them to upload your information to the RCMP.
    2) Email with a link where you still have to upload some data, such as a passport photo, copy of passport and copy of second ID.

Step 2 = have your fingerprints taken

You have applied to an accredited company for your RCMP criminal record check. Now Canada just needs your fingerprints. If you are not in Canada you must provide the fingerprints on hard copy fingerprint cards, which means that your fingerprints will be taken with ink on an FD-258 or C-216C fingerprint card.

1) Make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken
2) Provide the personal data that is requested after making your appointment. This information is necessary to prepare the fingerprint cards and identity statement.
3) During your appointment, your fingerprints will be taken and all documents will be prepared for shipment.

If you have any further questions or if you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with the process.

What happens once my RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check is requested? 

Once the company in Canada receives your documents, they will upload your fingerprints directly to the RCMP. The result will be available after about 15 business days, but in our experience with the Reliability Screening company it is often the case that the result will be available in a shorter timeframe.
You will receive the hard copy after about three weeks (depending on Canadian regular mail and Dutch regular mail)

The result will be available after 10 - 15 business days.

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