Canadian permanent residency vs Canadian citizenship
20 april 2023 

Canadian permanent residency vs Canadian citizenship

Welcome to my blog about immigration to Canada. Today, I want to discuss two important categories of immigration in Canada: permanent residency and Canadian citizenship. Although these terms may sound familiar, there can sometimes be confusion around the procedures associated with these categories.

Permanent residency
Let's start with permanent residency, also known as "Landed Immigrant Status." It's important to note that this category can be used for any Canadian visa application, such as closed or open work permits, permanent residency permits, and so on. However, this can be confusing because the Canadian immigration service, the IRCC/CIC, may request a background check during the application process without always sending a request letter. Therefore, it's important to be aware of the specific requirements for your visa type.

Moving on to Canadian citizenship, this is probably the most well-known category of immigration in Canada. For this type of application, a request letter from the IRCC/CIC is always required. However, it's important to note that some applicants choose to request the background check without this letter. This is generally discouraged because it creates additional administrative burdens for both the RCMP and the IRCC/CIC.

If you receive a request letter, it's important to know that you have 30 days (sometimes 60, but rarely) to have your fingerprints taken. The day you submit and digitize the prints can be considered the date they were taken. If you're concerned about the deadline, you should contact the IRCC/CIC to request an extension with a valid reason. Fortunately, they're quite flexible, but only they can approve the extension.

Finally, I want to emphasize that the wording of the request letter may change. So, it's important to always stay up to date on the current requirements and procedures for your specific visa application. If you're unsure about which category applies to you, it's best to seek professional advice from an immigration lawyer, a licensed immigration consultant or a specialized company in Canada.

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