Civil aviation security screening

Civil aviation security screening in the Netherlands

Everyone who works in civil aviation within Europe will be screened. This screening is necessary to gain access to Security restricted areas (SRA). An example of a secured area with limited access is behind Customs at an airport. If you have to go behind Customs for your work, you need a special access pass. You will only receive this access pass if a security check has been carried out. This security screening is initiated by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, which is authorized to carry out security screenings for this sector.

The type of security screening that is performed on you is the B-security screening. A period of 8 years is looked back and your partner is also included in the screening.

Example: You have applied for the position of pilot. You have gone through the application procedure and the airline has indicated that you can fly with them. They will then report you to the Security Screening Unit for a screening. You need this screening because you have to go through customs to get to the plane (in addition, everyone always wants to be sure that the pilot performs his job faithfully).

Part of the civil aviation security screening may include checking your stay abroad.
For example: you have stayed in the US for a period of 6 months to complete your flight training. For the security screening they want a police statement from you from the FBI in the US. If you have stayed in the US with your partner during these 6 months, your partner must also apply for a police statement at the FBI in the US.

This safety study is repeated every 5 years.

All information about this civil aviation security investigation can be found on the website of the AIVD.

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