Employment screening

Employment screening in The Netherlands

There are many positions in the Netherlands where an employment screening takes place, this is often necessary because you work in a position where you can view a lot of personal information from third parties. An example of this is if you start working at a bank.

The bank where you will be working wants to be sure that they can trust you and that you actually have all the experience you have said you have. Many companies carry out a pre-employment screening themselves or have it done by a company that specializes in this. It's always nice to know who you're hiring.

Part of this pre-employment screening may include checking the Criminal History abroad.
For example, if you have lived abroad for a certain period of time, there is a good chance that you will have to request a police statement from this country.

The procedure for requesting this differs per country.

It is also possible that your company regularly performs a screening of employees who already work for the company, which is called an in-employment screening. It depends on the position you perform, but you may be rescreened every 5 years.

In the Netherlands, if the employment screening of your company has been outsourced, chances are that you will be dealing with the company Validata. They are worldwide specialized in conducting these investigations.

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