Ethiopian Police Clearance Certificate
11 april 2023 

Ethiopian Police Clearance Certificate

The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Ethiopia is issued from the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission Forensic Investigation Department.

There is a variety of reasons why you can apply for the Clearance Certificate;

  • Employment screening
  • Work permit
  • Visa application
  • Adoption.

What is an Ethiopian PCC?
A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official document that confirms that you have no criminal record.
The Ethiopian Embassy in your home country issues PCCs on your behalf; or you can apply through an accredited company in Ethiopia.

Who can apply for an Ethiopian PCC?
Anyone who has lived in Ethiopia can apply for an Ethiopian PCC. If you are a national of another country, you must have been legally resident in Ethiopia.

How can you apply for an Ethiopian PCC?
You can apply for an Ethiopian PCC online or by post or through an accredited company. When you are located outside Ethiopia we highly recommend to use an accredited company to submit your application on your behalf or to contact the Ethiopian embassy in the country where you are located at the moment.

Do you need fingerprints for Ethiopian PCC?
All applicants must provide fingerprints in order to obtain a police clearance certificate from Ethiopia. If you are in Ethiopia, you can have your fingerprints taken at any local police station or by a third party such as an embassy or accredited company. Not every Ethiopian Embassy is taking fingerprints, sometimes you have to contact the Embassy to submit the PCC application on your behalf, but you have to take your fingerprints at a fingerprint company in your country. Have your fingerprints always taken with an experienced fingerprint technician.

What documents do you need for your Ethiopian PCC application?
You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Fingerprints of all your fingers on the Ethiopia fingerprint card or on the fingerprint card they use in the country where you are located at that moment.
  • Application form
  • Copy valid Passport (front and back)
  • Copy old passport with stamp and visa pages
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Letter explaining why uou need the Police Clearance from Ethiopia
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate (only if you need your maiden name includes on the Police Clearance Certificate)

More questions?
Do you need fingerprints for an Ethiopian Police Clearance Certificate, and do you still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will guide you through this process.

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Do you need fingerprints for your Ethiopian ID card or passport application, then you can download the Digital Invea app and start your application in the app. You still need the fingerprints, but you can have your fingerprints taken and then upload a high quality scan in this app.

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