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Whether you're applying for a gaming license, igaming permit, or gambling license, I understand the specific requirements and procedures involved. I am ready to support you in obtaining the necessary documentation, including fingerprints, to make your application successful.

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Our company has applied for and received licenses to work with online gambling companies in every state that is open in the US. We were able to have our paperwork submitted in plenty of time to make sure BonusFinder was licensed and live on “Day 1” of a new state launch.

A crucial part of this was the amazing support we received from Ilse who has able to fly around Europe collecting the fingerprints of our officers and key shareholders, without Ilse we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the success we have in the US gambling industry.

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My name is Ilse and I have years of experience in taking fingerprints. I have taken over 5600+ fingerprints for various police statements and license applications in the past 8 years. If you want to know something about this procedure, you've come to the right place 😁

US iGaming/Gaming/Gambling License applications

In the United States if you wish to work with or for a licensed gambling company you are required to obtain and maintain a valid gaming license. Licensing is handled on a local state level and not a federal level. This means you need a license for every state that you operate in. Licenses are issued by the state gambling authorities.

Examples of who needs licenses:

  • You are a gambling affiliate who wishes to promote a licensed US operator such as DraftKings, Fanduel or BetMGM
  • You are a B2B supplier to a US gambling company either land based or online, suppliers include:
  • Software
  • Games
  • Data feeds
  • Consultancy services


As part of the license application process, some state gambling regulators require the submission of fingerprint cards. These are physical cards where your fingerprints have been taken with ink.

Only FBI accredited fingerprint technicians are allowed to take and submit your fingerprints which need to be done on specially printed and authorized fingerprint cards.

If you need help taking your fingerprints for the gambling license application, Fingerprints&Screening can help you with that. We regularly travel throughout Europe to take fingerprints for gambling license applications.

Online Gambling

Currently there is a process happening in the US where individual states are legislating and allowing online sports betting and in some states also online casino gaming

As discussed above you would be required as a supplier (affiliate or B2B) to obtain the necessary license to operate in each of these states.

States that are currently live for online gambling include:

  • New Jersey – Sportsbook and Casino
  • Pennsylvania – Sportsbook and Casino
  • Michigan – Sportsbook and Casino
  • Ohio - Sportsbook
  • New York - Sportsbook
  • Maryland - Sportsbook
  • Connecticut – Sportsbook and Casino
  • West Virginia – Sportsbook and Casino
  • Virginia - Sportsbook
  • Arizona - Sportsbook
  • Indiana - Sportsbook
  • Colorado - Sportsbook
  • Louisiana - Sportsbook
  • Iowa - Sportsbook
  • Illinois - Sportsbook
  • Tennessee - Sportsbook
  • Wyoming - Sportsbook
  • Washington DC - Sportsbook
  • New Hampshire - Sportsbook
  • Rhode Island – Sportsbook

US States expected to regulate online sportsbook in the coming months and years:

  • Massachusetts – early 2023
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

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