Saint Lucia Certificate of Character
23 december 2023 

Saint Lucia Certificate of Character

Acquiring a "Certificate of Character" in Saint Lucia from abroad involves specific steps. While the process itself is not overly complicated, unfortunately, the payment process can be complex. Additionally, obtaining your statement when you are not physically present in Saint Lucia can sometimes be a challenge.

Below, we have provided the information you need for applying for your Certificate of Character.

Contacting the Police in Saint Lucia:

Reach out to the police authorities in Saint Lucia to obtain information about the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a Certificate of Character. You can do this by contacting them by phone or email (Telephone Number: 758 456 3744, Email: The steps to request the document are relatively straightforward, but not all information may be clearly outlined on the government website of Saint Lucia. Therefore, it is advisable to contact them in advance to ensure that you follow the correct procedure.

Collecting Required Documentation:

Gather all necessary documents needed for the application. These include:

  • Application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of second ID (such as a driver's license or ID card)
  • 2 passport-sized photos (1 1/2" x 2")
  • Fingerprints if applying for the statement from abroad
  • Payment confirmation
  • Addressed and stamped envelope for them to send the statement to you (confirm this via email first).


When applying for the document from another country, you need to provide fingerprints as part of the process. This can be done at a local police station in your country (outside Europe) or by using the services of an accredited fingerprint technician (in Europe).

Paying for the Saint Lucia Statement:

The cost for a statement is $15 (Eastern Caribbean dollar), and it takes about 5 working days for the statement to be ready. The cost for an expedited statement, within 24 hours, is $25 (Eastern Caribbean dollar).

Note that the statement also needs to be sent to you, and regular mail may take some time. So, getting it within 24 hours or 5 working days does not necessarily mean you will have the document in your hands during that time.

Paying for this statement is actually the most complex part of the whole process. For payment, you can request payment instructions; however, this can be challenging from Europe and seems to only work through a German bank (our experience indicates that this method may not work). If this is not successful, the quickest option is to ask someone in Saint Lucia to go to the Criminal Record Office and pay on your behalf or to ask someone in the United States who can make the payment. Payment instructions from the US are clear and will work.

Checks cannot be sent with your application; the payment must be made in advance.

Submitting the Application:

Submit your application to the Commissioner of Police in Saint Lucia. Ensure you include all necessary documents with the application and send them by express mail to:

Criminal Records Office Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Lamar Building Bridge Street, Castries, Saint Lucia

Receipt of the Certificate of Character:

If your application is approved, you will receive the Certificate of Character. If you are abroad, it becomes more complex since they do not send the application by mail to foreign locations and do not provide the document digitally. It is advisable to include an addressed and stamped envelope with your documents and ask the Saint Lucia Police to send the statement to you using it.

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