Step-by-step plan SKCK police clearance certificate (PCC)
20 maart 2023 

Step-by-step plan SKCK police clearance certificate (PCC)

Indonesian SKCK Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

You can apply for your Indonesian SKCK Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) through an accredited company in Indonesia or you can apply through the Indonesian embassy. With the second option you must consider to personally deliver the documents at the embassy and collect them in Indonesia.

Below are the steps you need to follow to complete this application.

Note 1: When applying for your Indonesian Police Clearance Certificate you are dealing with a government agency that has very strict legislation and where the process consumes a lot of time if you do not provide everything exactly as required.

We advise you to call in an accredited agency to request this statement, more specifically, we strongly advise you to call the PNB Immigration Law Firm. We have an excellent experience with this company. They can go do a lot with only digital scan of all your documents.

Note 2: If you have stayed in Indonesia with a visa on arrival, business visa or social visa, it is not possible to request your SKCK PCC in Indonesia anymore. When you apply through an accredited company, they can ensure that you can still apply for your certificate.

Step 1
First, choose an accredited company in Indonesia to apply for the SKCK police Clearance Certificate.
The companie with which we have had very good experiences in recent years is:

On their website: go to Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) and fill in the contact form, they will contact you within a few hours (and there is also a person who speaks Dutch. This can of course be very useful for the Dutch applicants)

If you are going to take care of the application yourself, make an appointment at the Indonesian embassy to have your fingerprints taken. (Only possible if you have stayed in Indonesia with an IMTA or KITAS.)).

Step 2:
Collect the rest of the documents you need for the application in Indonesia, these include:

1) Application letter from your last employer in Indonesia (PNB Immigration Law firm has examples and a manual for drawing up/completing this letter)

2) PNB Immigration Law Firm Application Form (they will send it to you)

3) An empty fingerprint cards. The fingerprints can be placed on the Indonesian fingerprint cards or your country's own fingerprint cards

4) Four passport photos, 6x4, with a yellow background (you can add a yellow background later).

Step 3:
You have applied for your SKCK Police Clearance Certificate at an accredited company.

  • Make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken.
  • Provide the personal details that are requested after making your appointment. This information is necessary to prepare the fingerprint cards and identity statement.
  • During your appointment, your fingerprints will be taken, and all documents will be prepared for shipment.

Step 4
Send a scan of all documents to PNB Immigration law firm. The scan of all documents is often enough for them to request the certificate from the Indonesian police.

What happens when my SKCK Police Clearance Certificate has been applied for?
The moment you have engaged PNB Immigration Law Firm, and they have digitally received all your documents, including the scanned fingerprint cards, they will start requesting your certificate. You do not have to do anything yourself, unless PNB indicates that it needs additional information.

The result will be available after 3 - 5 business days.

If you choose to submit your application directly to the National Police of Indonesia, please note that you must collect the statement in person in Indonesia. If you have planned a trip to Indonesia, this can certainly be an option, but there is no guarantee that everything will be approved at once.

If you have any further questions or if you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with the process.

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