Step-by-step plan South African PCC
20 maart 2023 

Step-by-step plan South African PCC

You can apply for your South African Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) online through an accredited company in South Africa or you can apply yourself at the South African Police Station. With the last option, you must consider that you must deliver and collect the documents yourself in South Africa or that you must authorize a family member/friend/colleague in South Africa to do this on your behalf.

Please note: When applying for your South African PCC you are dealing with a government agency that has very strict legislation and where the process consumes a lot of time if you do not provide everything exactly as required. 

We advise you to use an accredited agency when time is of the essence to get your statement. They often have the right connections and understand what is needed, so that the process is often completed faster.

Below are the steps you need to follow to complete this application.

Step 1: choose the way you want to submit your application to SAPS

If you are going to take care of the application yourself, you can register online on the following website:

Step 2: Collect the documents

  • Collect the documents requested by the company or SAPS, which include:
    1) A set of fingerprint cards on the SAPS 91A fingerprint cards
    2) Completed SAPS application form
    3) Copy of your valid passport and a copy of your valid South African ID.
    4) Proof of payment SAPS (only if you make the application yourself, otherwise the accredited company will arrange the proof of payment.
    5) Marriage certificate, only in you need your maiden name on the document (and only if you are a female).

    What is the next step?

    You have applied to an accredited company for your SAPS Police Clearance Certificate. Now South Africa just needs your fingerprints.
    1) Make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken
    2) Provide the personal details that are requested after making your appointment. This information is necessary to prepare the fingerprint cards and identity statement.
    3) During your appointment, your fingerprints will be taken, and all documents will be prepared for shipment.

What happens once my South African Police Clearane Certificate has been applied for?

You send your documents to the accredited company in South Africa. The company arrange the application for you. You just have to wait for them to receive the statement and send it to you. It differs per company how long it takes to request your statement. At one company you will receive the statement within 10 working days (Certificate Assist SA), at another company it can take eight weeks.

When you have asked a family member or friend to hand in and collect the documents, it naturally depends on them to go to SAPS station. The retrieval of the statement will take place later, it is not known exactly how long this will take, but it can sometimes take months.

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