Step-by-step plan Trinidad & Tobago certificate of character
05 april 2023 

Step-by-step plan Trinidad & Tobago certificate of character

You can apply for your Certificate of Character (COC) online at the Trinidad & Tobago Police services.

Applying for your Certificate of Character in Trinidad & Tobago is not very complicated and consists of only a few steps. Below you will find the steps to complete this application quickly and easily.

Step 1:
Start your application online through the Trinidad & Tobago Police services website:

Enter your personal information here.
You must then upload a passport photo and complete the application.
When you are not located in Trinidad & Tobago, you don't have to schedule an appointment at their police service station for your fingerprints to be taken.


Step 2:

  • Make an appointment to take your fingerprints, make sure you do this with an accredited fingerprint technician.
  • Provide the personal data that is requested after making your appointment. This information is necessary to prepare the fingerprint cards and identity statement.
  • After taking your fingerprints, go to the public notary to legalize the documents.
    Usually this is a legalization of your signature and passport. Make sure that the fingerprint cards and the identity statement are also included in this package (there will be no stamps on these documents, but they must be bound with your legalized signature and passport).

    Step 3
    Collect all the documents you need to send:
  • Fingerprint cards from the country where you currently reside or the fingerprint card they send to you after you have submit your application.
  • Possible legalization from the public notary if you have not had your fingerprints taken at a police station (this is not possible in the Netherlands)*
  • Copy of your valid passport showing your passport photo and personal information.
  • Send a money order of $50 TT and return shipping costs.

    Step 4
    Send the documents by express mail (UPS or FedEx) to the following address:

Office of the Senior Superintendent
Criminal Investigations Department and Criminal Records Office
Police Headquarters
Cor. St Vincent and Sackville Streets
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies

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