Illinois gaming license application

Applying for a gaming license in the state of Illinois can be a complex process, depending on the type of gaming license you need. Here are the general steps you could follow:

  • Determine the type of license you need: In Illinois, there are various types of gaming licenses depending on the type of gaming activities you intend to conduct. This could include licenses for a casino, a video gaming terminal operator, a video gaming location, etc.

  • Gather necessary documents: Once you have identified the appropriate type of license, you'll need to gather the necessary documents. This may include identification documents, financial information, business documents, and so forth.

  • Contact the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB): The Illinois Gaming Board is responsible for regulating gaming activities in the state. Reach out to the IGB to obtain information about the specific requirements and procedures for applying for a gaming license.

  • Complete the application form: Fill out the application form for the gaming license. Make sure to accurately provide all required information and include all necessary documents.

  • Pay the application fees: There are typically fees associated with submitting an application for a gaming license. Ensure you pay the required application fees according to the instructions provided by the IGB.

  • Undergo background checks: As part of the application process, applicants often need to undergo background checks, including criminal background checks and financial background investigations. For Illinois, you are required to submit two blue bordered FD-258 fingerprint cards with fingerprints. These fingerprint cards will then be sent to an intermediary such as IdentoGo or Accurate Biometrics who will conduct the background checks.

  • Wait for approval: After you have submitted your application and completed all necessary steps, you'll need to wait for approval from the IGB. This may take some time depending on the complexity of your application and the wait times at the IGB.

  • Maintain the license: If your application is approved and you receive a gaming license, you'll need to comply with all regulations and requirements set forth by the IGB to keep the license valid. This may include regular reporting, fee payments, and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

It's important to note that these are general steps and the specific process may vary depending on the type of gaming license you are applying for and other factors. It's advisable to directly contact the Illinois Gaming Board for specific guidance and instructions regarding your particular situation.

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