Eye Color codes on US fingerprint cards

Eye color codes on American fingerprint cards: What do they mean?

When looking at American fingerprint cards, you may have noticed that codes are used to indicate a person's eye color. These codes, such as BRO, BLU, GRN, GRY, BLK, HAZ, and MAR, are used to represent different eye colors. But what do these codes mean exactly?

These eye color codes are used as a standardized system to record the eye color of individuals on documents such as fingerprint cards. This allows agencies like law enforcement to quickly and easily identify a person's eye color based on a single letter combination.

Below are the codes they use:

BRO = Brown
BLU = Blue
GRN = Green
GRY = Gray
BLK = Black
HAZ = Hazel
MAR = Maroon
MUL = Multiple colors

Did you know:
Eye color codes do not provide a complete and accurate representation of a person's eye color? This is because eye color exists on a continuum and can have a lot of variation. Therefore, these codes should be considered a general indication of a person's eye color and not an exact representation of it.

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