Top 10 tips for taking high-quality ink fingerprints

  1. Ensure a clean and dry environment, as even small amounts of dirt and moisture can affect the quality of fingerprints.
  2. Use an ink roller specially designed for fingerprints to apply an even layer of ink to the glass plate or ink pad.
  3. Ensure the person whose fingerprints are being taken is relaxed and has dry hands to guarantee a good print.
  4. Place the finger on the glass plate or ink pad and gently roll the finger to get enough ink on it.
  5. Avoid applying too much pressure when applying ink, as this can lead to distorted prints or smudges.
  6. Ensure the paper is sturdy and flat to prevent it from shifting while placing the fingerprint on the paper.
  7. Allow the prints to dry well before collecting or shipping them, to prevent damage or fading.
  8. Ensure the prints are complete and no parts of the finger are missed.
  9. Clean the person's fingers after each set of prints to prevent ink buildup and reduce the quality of prints.
  10. Send the prints in a secure manner to prevent damage or loss.
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