Hair Codes for Fingerprint Cards in the US

Hair Codes for Fingerprint Cards in the US

When it comes to accurately documenting physical attributes on fingerprint cards, hair color is an important characteristic. In the United States, a standardized system of hair codes has been established to ensure consistency and clarity. Instead of writing out the entire word, it is essential to use the designated hair codes for efficient data recording and identification purposes.

Here are the hair codes that can be used on US fingerprint cards:
BLN = Blonde or strawberry
BRO = Brown
BLK = Black
GRY = Gray or partially gray
BLD = Bold
RED = Red or auburn
SDY = Sandy
WHI = White
ONG = Orange
BLU = Blue
PLE = Purple
GRN = Geen
PNK = Pink
XXX = Unknown

By utilizing these hair codes, law enforcement officials and other professionals can efficiently record and identify individuals based on their hair characteristics. It is important to note that accuracy and consistency are key when using these codes to ensure reliable identification.

When completing a fingerprint card, make sure to enter the appropriate hair code rather than spelling out the entire word. This standardized approach streamlines the process and reduces the chances of errors or misinterpretation. Additionally, it enables quick and effective identification when necessary.

It's worth noting that these hair codes are specific to the United States, and other countries may have different systems in place. 

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