Certificate of Clearance (COC) from Singapore

Do you need a Certificate of Clearance (COC) from Singapore, but are you currently residing in the Netherlands? Then it may be that you just don't know where to start.

Fortunately, applying for a Certificate of Clearance from Singapore is not that complicated, it is just important to start the application on time. This entire procedure consists of two parts

1) Submit your application online via the secure portal of the Singapore police and then wait for approval from the Singapore police

2) After approval by the Singapore police, complete the online application, have your fingerprints taken and send the documents (or have them sent) to the Singapore police

We have put all the information about this in a step-by-step plan for you. It also describes all the steps to submit your application online to the Singapore police, so that you are sure to fill in everything correctly in 1x.

Step-by-step plan Certificate of Clearance Singapore

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