Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Qatar

Do you need a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Qatar, but are you currently staying in the Netherlands? Then you may not know where to start.

The declaration from Qatar can be very simple or very complicated. This depends on whether you are in possession of a Qatari ID number.

The super easy way is:
You have a valid Qatari ID number, then you can submit your application via the MeTrash2 app. You will then receive your statement within a few working days.

The hugely complicated way is:
If you no longer have a Qatari ID number, you unfortunately have to go through a very long process, which consists of the following steps

1) have fingerprints taken
2) have passports and signatures of yourself and the fingerprint technician legalized at the notary
3) have the documents legalized by the notary legalized at the court
4) then have these documents legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs|
5) then take the documents to the Qatar embassy so that they give approval (certificate)
6) Apply for Qatar
7) Send all required documents to the Qatar

Okay, the above is quickly explained in a nutshell. We have put more information for this application in a step-by-step plan, hopefully this will help you in the process.

Step-by-step plan Qatar Police Clearance Certificate



op 12 Oct 2023

dear sir,For the UK immigration visa application they required my Qatar police clearance certificate.I was on a visit visa from February 14, 2020 to December 12, 2021 under the family category. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my visa was extended for 6

Ilse Sloof

Ilse Sloof

op 19 Oct 2023

When applying for most visas, it is important to provide evidence of your good conduct during any periods you have lived or stayed in specific countries. If your time in Qatar falls within the relevant period, you will need to submit your Qatar PCC.

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