National police check from Australia

Have you been asked to apply for a National Police Check from Australia?

You can request your National Police Check from the AFP in two ways, namely online or via an application form.

In addition, they also have a National Police Check where you do not have to provide fingerprints and where you do have to provide your fingerprints.

Do not provide fingerprints: This option is for any National Police Check request from a government agency or an individual.

Do provide fingerprints: This option is for a National Police Check application where fingerprints are provided to the AFP upon request. Some positions/jobs require this check because it checks the database in Australia. You may also have to do a fingerprint based AFP check before applying for a VISA or Citizenship.

We have made a step-by-step plan for applying for your AFP National Police Check from Australia where you must provide your fingerprints.

Step-by-step plan AFP National Police Check

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