List of second ID's required for a RCMP Certified Record Check

Did you know:

Adding two identification documents to an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check is a requirement to verify the person's identity. It helps to confirm that the individual requesting the background check is indeed the person for whom the check is being conducted. By providing two ID proofs, it enhances the reliability of the identification process and reduces the risk of identity fraud.

Acceptable Primary IDs:

  • Canadian Passport

  • Foreign Passport

  • Driver’s Licence (issued by Canadian province or territory)

  • Foreign Driver’s Licence
  • Record of Landing

  • Canadian Citizenship Card

  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card

  • Work or study Permit

  • Certificate of Indian Status

  • Student Identity Card from a Canadian Institute

  • Student Identity Card from a Foreign Institute

  • Firearms Acquisition Certificate

  • Firearms Possession Certificate

  • Canadian National Institute of the Blind Identification Card

  • Federal/Provincial/Municipal Identification Card

  • Military Family Identification Card

    Acceptable Secondary IDs:

    • Birth Certificate

    • Baptismal Certificate

    • Hunting License

    • Fishing License

    • Marriage License

    • Hospital Card

    • Immigration Papers

    • Union Membership Card

    • Private Industry Employee Identification Card

    • Health Card (View Only do not record information)

    • Government Employment Card

    • International Student Card

    • Provincial photo card

    • Non-Photo BC Services Card

    • Boating License

    • LCBO/Age of Majority Card

    • Outdoors Card

    • Canadian Blood Donor Card

    • Student ID

    • City/Municipal Library Card

    • Utility bill (water, electricity, taxes or Lease agreement showing both name and address will

      be accepted - to be used only in cases where the Applicant does not have a Secondary piece of ID).

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